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US stocks Intra-cellular (ITCI) was suspended on July 8, 06: 56: 38.

Suspension reason code: T1, T2, T3

Reason for suspension: Some news has not been disclosed. Suspension of trading before the news is released. The disclosure of the information begins to spread through the FD-compliant communication path. 1) The message has been fully disseminated through the Compliance FD method; 2) The NASDAQ Exchange has confirmed System errors or failures that cause special market conditions will no longer have a significant impact on the market, or system errors or failures are not the cause of special market conditions; parts no longer exist, two time points will be announced: (1) market participants The time at which the quote can be made, (2) the time at which the trade can be made. All transaction stop and recovery times will be published in hours:minutes:second format (eg 19: 30: 30).

Recovery date: July 8th

Resume the quotation time: 07: 25: 00

Restore trading hours: 07: 30: 00

Source: Straight Flush Financial Research Center

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